The Old Coot isn’t real?

“Is it real or is it Memorex?” That was the question asked in TV ads, back when cassette tapes were the latest rage in sound reproduction, sending 8-track tapes, vinyl records and reel-to-reel tape players out to pasture. The correct answer was Memorex, not the real voice of a singer. Just in case you’ve forgotten, […]

Fact or rumor, you decide

Dear Editor, Facts & rumors – you decide. Fact. The Owego Police Department is a discussion that pops up every few years. Why? Because there have been ongoing internal issues at OPD and the current Mayor, previous Mayors and Trustees have not been willing to address the problems. The current Trustees of A Positive Change Party have said enough […]

Facts can be pesky

Dear Editor, A recent contributor to this column made the statement that “nobama’s new budget is $4 trillion dollars. The National Debt is $18.6 trillion and will be over $20 trillion when the dear leader thankfully leaves office. That’s more than every President since George Washington.” First of all this contributor needs to look at […]

I became a Trustee to search for solutions

Dear Editor, I ran for Village of Owego Trustee in 2014 because I was tired of being a taxpayer and resident of the Village of Owego on the sidelines watching the Rebuild Party members do what appeared to be nothing. Two and a half years after the flood and not a single residence has been […]