Old Coot – My car was keyed! Ouch!

I love the electronic devices of our modern day world – smartphones, tablets, computers, GPS and all the goodies making life easier. EXCEPT! Automobile ignition keys, car fobs, remote entry, and other such devices. How did automobile company innovators get so out of control? 

They should have stopped at the remote door openers, attached to a simple key. I loved that era. You could go to the hardware store, get some duplicate keys made and put one in a magnetic key box and stick it under a fender or behind a bumper, before they were made from plastic. I used to hide one behind the license plate, held in place by the screw holding the plate. All I’d need, if I lost my keys or locked them in the car, would be a screwdriver or a Swiss Army Knife. Easy enough to get from a bystander.  

So what’s the big deal, you’re probably wondering at this point? The big deal is the $180 I just paid a locksmith to get a new key fob; the old one fell apart, the second one to do so in the last few months. The dealer wanted even more, upwards of $300. It took a few days of opening the door with the key, hidden in a compartment of the fob, causing the car alarm to go off, repeatedly sounding the horn, to get me to cough up the $180 replacement cost. The car thought someone was breaking in, or I was being mugged in the parking lot. 

I never liked that panic, horn blowing function. No one pays attention, except to chuckle and wonder who the numbskull is that just hit their panic button by mistake and didn’t realize it. That was me, for a while. Now, $180 poorer, I’m free of that embarrassment. 

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