Letter: More bull, and the debt ceiling

Dear Editor,

More bull from the whacko Republicans in Congress about the debt ceiling. Why is it they are only worried about the debt when a Democrat is in the White House?   

Why didn’t they care when their “genius” was in that office a few years ago and they helped him increase the national debt? The four years under Trump raised the debt by over 33.6%!  

Another huge chunk was rung up under their idol, Reagan. He raised the debt by 186%! Compare that to LBJ – +15%. 

The current problems stem on large part by the tax cuts Trump gave to his rich friends, as well as himself and his family, and the COVID pandemic he exacerbated. 

The deep thinkers in the Republican caucus want to default on the government’s debt, just like their great leader did with his businesses; in other words, declare bankruptcy for our government. Make us a deadbeat country; make us, the taxpayer, pay more for everything. Just because they are a joke doesn’t mean we have to let them make us the butt of a joke too. 

Tell your Congressmen to stop screwing around and do their jobs like the adults they are supposed to be. 

Pass the debt ceiling increase without trying to play “gotcha” with the President. 


William O’Connell

Owego, N.Y.

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