Check, check

I like music. It doesn’t dominate my life but there are many songs I enjoy every day and more and more every year; but not rap, or polkas. I just can’t get on board. There is one song I hate. I hear it a lot. Whenever I get to a venue while the band is setting up. 

It goes like this, “Check, check one, two, three – Check, check, one, two, three.” One verse would be fine, but most bands go through that single stanza time after time. It takes a lot of checking. I’ve asked the singers of that tune if they ever thought of trying different lyrics and mix them in. Like, “Test, test, A, B, C – Test, test Alan Bob Chuck.” 

That’s my crude suggestion; it’s most often ignored. I just hoped I could spark a bit of their musical creativity to come up with a different “Checking” protocol. 

It’s why I prefer bands with acoustic instruments. A lot less check, checking. They just tune their guitars and play. They do something else that I’m partial to – their volume doesn’t blast me out of the room. 

I’m told to get over it – it’s an old person’s complaint. But I’ve discovered that people of all ages have the same issue. They want background music that lets them carry on a conversation, not force them to shout and say, “Huh,” over and over. 

Let loud music be s thing for concerts and let customers in a bar or restaurant, expecting background music, have the last word on the volume. It could happen if the band said, “Check, Check, Alan Bob Chuck.” And, then let Alan, Bob or Chuck in the audience, decide if it’s too loud.

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