Letter: Drink Milk!

Drink MilkThe Tewksbury family drinks whole chocolate milk with patriarch Arden Tewksbury, near right front. Provided photo.

Dear Editor,

Recently members of the Tewksbury family and friends gathered for a mini-family reunion, which included four generations of the Arden Tewksbury family. The four generations are Arden Tewksbury, David Arden Tewksbury, David Arden Tewksbury II, great grandson David Arden Tewksbury III, and great granddaughter Anabelle Tewksbury.

The four generations run from five years old to 89 years young.

The gathering also included all the Tewksburys of Tennessee present for this event.

In addition to a regular meal, a plentiful amount of whole chocolate milk was made available to everyone, which was quickly consumed courtesy of the local dairy company, Camptown Dairy of Camptown, Pa.  

Many people realize the early effort that was put forth by the Progressive Agriculture Organization, with manager Arden Tewksbury at the helm, to try to get whole milk, including chocolate milk, back in our schools. 


Carol Sullivan 

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