Letter: Current inflation and short supply is just a prelude of what’s coming

Dear Editor,

It is very understandable and respected that people will follow family traditions relating to many things, including politics. Add to this that we have come through many decades of relatively good times (easy living), so why pay too close attention to politics. We have become complacent to the twists and turns government has taken. 

Over these decades, radical leadership has gradually overtaken the Democratic Party, working to change the whole fabric of this country to fit a global reset. Trump has exposed this plan and forced this movement by the Democrats to steal elections and invest massive financial resources to buy certain elections. This reset is so rooted that our current Democrat leadership is going to do everything in their power to pull off their agenda and change this country forever.

When you realize this radical Democratic Party has taken control of most media, our schools, judges and DA’s, the corporate world, Hollywood stars and just about every other power center in the country, you understand the 2022 and 2024 elections are going to set the stage for the future. Voting for U.S.A. patriots (NOT DEMOCRATS) is absolutely critical for the generations that follow us. Democratic candidates are going to follow the radical movement, as they are right now. That’s where their money is.

An automatic vote D in the next two major elections will be a vote to end our country as we’ve known it, and open the door for the radical new reset to lock up full control of us forever.

The current inflation and short supply of many essential goods is just a prelude of what’s coming. People who are not in the public eye are steering this agenda and have used these steps to take down smaller countries. They know what they are doing and are strategic in its application.

If we leave this to our youth, shame on us!


Bruce Beckert

South New Berlin, N.Y.

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