Thought Power; What we think, see and hear, we become

Thought Power; What we think, see and hear, we becomeBrahma Kumaris Illustration.

There is nothing in this world that can trouble us as much as our own thoughts. The energy of thoughts and feelings is always surrounding us. 

Our outer world is a reflection of our inner situation. Our own energy is dependent on the quality of our thoughts and creates a vibrational field around us. These vibrations are like the perfume we wear; they cannot be seen but felt.  By creating a good atmosphere through our subtle positive vibrations, we serve others. The world needs these vibrations.

Our natural state is to be the master of our minds, not dictated by the mind or by my brain.  By practicing meditation regularly we become the master of our minds.

I realize the peace I need, the answers I require, the expected solutions – none of that comes from outside.”

Best to stop, disconnect from the outside world and be attentive to my inner voice. In every being is a source of guidance of what is advisable, or not to do.  Listening to this inner voice can make the difference between being happy or simply surviving. 

Thought Power; What we think, see and hear, we become

Brahma Kumaris Illustration.

Do you recharge yourself as much as you charge your phone? People often feel like they can’t meditate because they’re too stressed or too busy to clear their mind, when in reality meditation is a practice to observe what is on the mind rather than trying to push it out. The aim is to keep our vibrations positive.

Meditation trains the mind to consciously create the right type of thoughts. This produces a very positive impact on my personality and behavior. What we think, see and hear, we become. This new habit of creating only positive thoughts settles inside me and I start responding positively even to negative situations. By transforming ourselves, we transform the world. 

“My hope is when people really begin to understand it is the inner consciousness and the change within myself that makes a difference in what’s going on outside.” — BK Sr Jayanti

In this troubled world, meditation helps change the habit of thinking fearfully. When we are afraid of something, we invoke it and it can happen.  

F-E-A-R has two meanings; Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise! When I understand I am a spiritual being with immense power, I can break through the fear of the limitations of the perishable body and of age, roles and opinions of others.  

Thought Power; What we think, see and hear, we become

Brahma Kumaris Illustration.

I, the soul, never die. This faith in the eternal self and faith in God’s protection and love makes us fearless. Love is a life giving force. When we receive love we lose fear and are able to give the best of ourselves. 

A physician once said, “The best medicine for humans is love.”

Someone asked, “What if it doesn’t work.”

The doctor smiled, and exclaimed, “Increase the dose.”

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