Lyceum offers learning choices

It’s all about choices – and learning. Learn from highly qualified instructors from the comfort of your own home or travel to Lyceum classrooms in Vestal. Learn about Broadway or whole foods or mathematical art or many other subjects, the choices are all yours. Lyceum offers it all. And if they don’t, let them know and they will find an instructor for a later session.

Lyceum is a not-for-profit volunteer organization that provides diverse course offerings for the purpose of life-long learning. There are no age limits. Available now is their winter session, which runs from Jan. 18 through Feb. 11. Registration for the spring sessions will open in a few more weeks and run from Feb. 14 through April 15.

Almost all classes are available via Zoom, but there are other choices. Their classrooms are located at 601 Gates Rd. in Vestal, behind WSKG Studios. They call those “hybrid” classes; because 20 people can attend live in the classroom with the instructor, while the rest participate via Zoom. 

Lyceum is proud of their technology, as well as their Technology Committee who set it up – enabling Lyceum to offer such an option. 

Speaking again of choices, other classes being offered during this session include “Geologic Natural Disasters,” “Textured Painting,” “Conspiracy Theory and the Politics of Misinformation,” “Mindful Meditation,” “Love and Healing in the Garden,” “A Partnership with Ethiopian Farmers,” “A Year in the Life of Beekeeping,” “The Art of the Adage,” “Exploring Aging,” “Getting off Fossil Fuels,” “The Ukulele,” “Volunteer Opportunities,” “Translating Poetry: The Pleasure of Craft in the Service of Beauty,” “Stories of the Tamil Diaspora,” and “Émile Zola’s novel Germinal.

Lyceum continues to offer the ever-popular “Current Events” session and their “Science Discussion” sessions. And the winter session is offering three of their most popular “Armchair Travel” sessions: one on Vietnam, one on Algeria, and a third on the North Branch Art Trail in New York and Pennsylvania. The “Notable Nonfiction” series will offer James Rollins – The 6th Extinction this session.

Winter and spring membership is $35. Each class costs $7 for each two-hour session, so a class spanning the maximum four sessions would cost $28. Those who want to register for evening classes and weekend events only can do so for $25.   

To be put on a mailing list, email to To learn more or register, visit and scroll down to “online registration system.” 

(Lohmann is chair of the Lyceum Program Committee and a resident of Berkshire.)

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