2021 Price Chopper / Market 32 Campaign supports disabled veterans

Price Chopper/Market 32 has completed its signature round-up campaign benefiting DAV (Disabled American Veterans). The 2021 Price Chopper / Market 32 campaign allowed donors to round-up purchases on a credit or debit card when completing a purchase.

The campaign, which ran throughout November, raised more than $78,000 to support DAV and its mission of service and support for disabled veterans and their families. The campaign took place in over 100 Price Chopper / Market 32 locations.

Price Chopper is a long-standing partner of DAV and was also recognized during DAV’s centennial celebration with a Cornerstone Society award. 

“Price Chopper is known for serving veterans,” said Marc Burgess, CEO of DAV, adding, “With their continued support, we’re able to help those who’ve served where they live. The funds donated from this campaign support DAV’s charitable mission, including helping veterans to get access to earned benefits, including health care, education and employment.

“These resources often have a transformative impact on a veteran’s life,” he added.

Visit dav.org for more information on how you can donate to our disabled veterans.

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