Where Does Peace Come From? 

Where Does Peace Come From? Illustration: Brahma Kumaris.

People need peace as much as they need food and shelter. Peace is missing in our lives and many have been searching desperately for peace for a long time.  Where does peace come from and how do you harness and develop it?  

Peace is an energy created inside. We desire peace because the intrinsic quality of the soul is peace. We do not need to ask for peace; we are peace. As the mind learns to tune into the peaceful soul within, this becomes our reality.  

Even when I speak with peace, and you listen with peace, the energy increases. We feel we are living in light. A noble and god-like character is the natural result of continued effort in this type of right thinking.  

Think you are a being of peace and peace will become your personality. What you think is what you become. Let my first and my last thought of the day and anytime in between be peaceful and positive. Peaceful thoughts attract people and success into our lives.  

Check the quality of your thoughts by pausing, slowing down the thinking process for a few moments, highlighting the positive and remembering to breathe! This practice, intermittently throughout the day, results in rest, refreshment, increased clarity and energy.  

Our problem has been whilst living in this body of five elements our mental energies gradually became trapped by our physical surroundings, including the physical body. We lost sight of our divinity. Consequently, our original qualities of peace, love, purity, happiness and the power of divine truth diminished. We lived increasingly from outside to in. The outside world eventually so dominated our thinking it obscured my awareness of me, the inner being, the soul.  

Now free yourself from this crisis. When I am deeply aware and have the experience that I am, in truth, a divine being, separate from the body, these original qualities of the soul re-emerge naturally and become fully active once again.  

“I, the soul, am the first to benefit.”

These qualities create a subtle form of light for me, which others perceive and experience. This is divine power. When I live with the consciousness of being a soul, a child of God and of my own highest truth, it is like I am living in the light of peace. Shadows disappear and I radiate light, angelic light. Bygones become bygones. I realize I cannot change the past, but I can definitely change the future.

(You can contact Sister Chirya Risely, from Owego, at bkchirya@gmail.com or at chirya.risely@peacevillageretreat.org.)

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