Find Lasting Beauty Using Spiritual Cosmetics

Find Lasting Beauty Using Spiritual CosmeticsBrahma Kumaris Illustration.

It is the style, pursued with great zeal, to pay special attention to the body. There are diets and pills to control our bodily weight. On the market are numerous brands and recipes for skin care. Cosmetics come in all shades and textures to cover up the blemishes and temporarily bring out hidden beauty. 

Artificial attachments to replace or improve the original, facelifts and bodybuilding exercises are all part of the new body-consciousness. Even the health food awareness is part of the upsurge of making the body attractive, younger, perfect and durable. Body-consciousness! It is the craze of the hour, not to mention expensive!

Man has hidden yearnings to be immortal and secret longings to be the best he possibly can be. Is this achievable when we focus all our attention on the body? Is this physical striving of any lasting value or will it all be buried and forgotten when it has reached its peak?  

Do we become more virtuous, more attractive, better human beings after we apply makeup to our face, after our bodies are reshaped, our muscles are toned and we’re wearing the latest fashions?  Where is the everlasting satisfaction gained from adorning and decorating only the body?  

We have developed the habit of taking comfort and support from external aspects forgetting they are temporary since the whole of the material world is in a constant state of flux! 

Now we have to gently teach our mind and intellect to stop wandering outside, looking to material aspects of existence for our appearance and sense of purpose in life. While our body is made of five physical elements, it is the consciousness, the soul, that keeps it alive and looking beautiful. When I take steps to develop the soul through the wings of spiritual knowledge and meditation, my character and personality become rich and beautiful. The mind becomes your friend, beautician and fashion consultant by creating thoughts that give you energy, beauty, happiness and health.   

It takes time to change and transform these old patterns of thinking. Be patient with yourself. It starts with a thought. Today! In the present moment look at the quality of your thoughts and make them peaceful, positive and pure. Become aware of yourself as light and by connecting to the One true light; share your beautiful light because the whole world needs it. 

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