Discover a Different ‘Me’ by Meditating

Discover a Different ‘Me’ by MeditatingBrahma Kumaris: Illustration.

Everyone says they want peace, but we have forgotten that peace is our original religion. In one second we can go into silence and become free from thoughts, words, and actions. To go into silence means to go deep inside and keep external situations outside. 

This silence takes us into a state of peace and the pieces of our hearts can come together. Then the power comes to sort things out and to feel peaceful. Every thought I create is energy, which produces its own current. Quietly I step inside and connect to my original quality of peace. It’s always there. This releases me from my own limitations and can also help to heal the heart of the world. 

Through meditation you discover a very different “me” from perhaps the stressed or troubled person, who may seem superficially to be “me”. Meditation is the process of getting to know yourself completely, both who you are inside and how you react to what is outside.  

Imagine yourself as a capable, empowered, successful and happy soul. Imagine being aware of each thought and reaction that comes to mind – and then ruling it.

Within a nanosecond you claim the power to act on the idea, or to ditch it. The negative traits in your personality that you wish would not play out, the thoughts of self-doubt, sabotage, low self-regard, guilt, worry, etc., will never again be spoken by you or affect your relationships at home, at work, or on the sports field.

Some might baulk at being so ‘in control’ of themselves. But if you really realize you are a soul, you can ‘get in control’ of yourself – just yourself – not others! Other people’s lives and games are their own. You are only responsible for yourself. 

Our moms and dads did what they did – sometimes well, sometimes not – but that time has passed, and you are now the independent soul who can choose how to live. What you put into your mind is what you experience.  

You can throw off the old patterns of influence and recreate yourself to be how you want to be. When you focus on the good, the positive within yourself, you give it life, you give it permission to grow. You realize that your true nature, the real you, is actually very positive and free.   

You begin to discover an ocean of peace, right on your doorstep!

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