Letter: An armed citizenry is a safe citizenry

Dear Editor,

King Cuomo has decided in his infinite wisdom that gun violence statewide is out of control, even though almost all of it is concentrated in New York City, and has declared a state of emergency to combat this gun violence. 

New York already has some of the worst gun rights restrictions in the country, yet Cuomo feels the need to add more. He has already destroyed due process with red flag laws, which allow anyone to report anyone they feel suspicious about and have their guns taken away without a hearing; defendants only get their day in court after confiscation, with no legal representation unless they hire their own lawyer, which is extremely costly even for the middle class. 

Putting a bayonet on a rifle makes it an assault weapon and thus illegal. Your Second Amendment rights lie in tatters, shredded by His Majesty and his cronies in Albany.

Maybe we would have less gun violence if more people were armed. Rather than criminalizing gun owners, we should encourage gun ownership and proper firearms training. I’d rather my tax dollars be spent on teaching people how to safely use a gun than disarming them for no reason. 

An armed citizenry is a safe citizenry and would serve as a heavy deterrent for would-be criminals.


Thomas Daniel Quiter

2022 Candidate for State Senate – 52nd District

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