The Miraculous Message of Water

The Miraculous Message of WaterImage provided by Sister Chirya.

Japanese professor, Dr. Masaru Emoto and his amazing discovery of the water crystals opened a new understanding of the power of thoughts and words. One of his books called The Miracle of Water describes his experiments. 

Emoto collected water in glasses and exposed samples to different thoughts and words such as ‘love and hate’, ‘thank you’ and ‘you fool’, ‘hope and hopeless’. He then froze the water drops and looked at the crystals that were formed via a microscope. 

In the frozen crystal form water showed its true nature. The water formed crystals according to vibrations it was exposed to. 

Positive thoughts that are life affirming such as love; appreciation and hope were beautifully shaped as snowflakes and other gorgeous crystal patterns. Negative thoughts, anger or words such as hate and hopeless formed ugly, disfigured or mutated looking crystals.  

The Miraculous Message of Water

Images provided by Sister Chirya.

Right thinking is vital for both mental health and physical health as our bodies are mostly water. We are walking puddles! Emoto’s theory is since our bodies are 70% water; imagine what our water crystals would look like when they were exposed to negative thoughts and words instead of positive ones. Our body water would be misshaped from the inside out!  

For spiritual and physical health reasons, we have continued through the ages to offer our food and water first to God, and before consuming, to lovingly bless it with thoughts and words of love, gratitude and appreciation. Why? Our positive, loving thoughts energize, cleanse and reform the quality of the food into beautiful symmetrical crystals promoting health.      

What is the greatest disease at present in the West? Being unwanted, being unloved and being uncared for! Physical diseases including the global pandemic are being contained, perhaps cured with the help of medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, hopelessness and dis-ease is to truly be loving from the heart of the soul, not just superficially. 

I can help others only when I first am smiling and loving from within. Now, by redefining ourselves as spirit, the thinking being, not by the flesh of the body, we become aware of how to love people and use things, instead of using people and loving things.  

We don’t realize the harm done, when we have one thing in our heart, something else in our head and something else in our words! Love is the most satisfying way to help the mind control itself. To truly love, to get rid of fear, purify the disease in your body and dis-ease in your mind, use gentle, loving thoughts and words towards yourself and others. 

To practice, focus on one of these thoughts for a minute and feel the difference. I, the soul, love my body; I have chosen this temple (the body of 70% water) and it is perfect. I am a beautiful being of light, an all-powerful co-creator with God. I am a deity soul in jeans and a t-shirt. I am glad to see you are so well and prosperous; I have all the knowledge and wisdom of the ages within me. I have the Comforter of Hearts, the Supreme Father in my heart. God is only a thought away.

Emoto photographed how water forms crystals, beautiful or ugly, according to whatever positive, neutral or negative words / thoughts they have been exposed to. Beautiful thoughts are life affirming and create a beautiful me, and negative thoughts – don’t go there!   

Dr. Emoto’s research continues to prove, “Our thoughts create the quality of our world!”

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