Gallery Forty-One to feature drone photography exhibit

Gallery Forty-One to feature drone photography exhibitPictured is the Exit 65 Bridge in Owego. Provided photo.

Gallery Forty-One is excited to introduce their Featured Artist, Greg Westby, from Brooklyn, N.Y. Westby’s exhibit, titled “Weis to see the Southern Tier”, will be on display throughout October.  

Two forms of creative interpretation will be exhibited: Subweismograph pieces and drone photography – all focusing on the beauty and uniqueness of our local area.

Wesby stated, in his own words, “I always preferred standing when I rode the New York City subway but quickly realized that, unless you have something sturdy to lean against, it can be a challenge to keep from falling into your fellow riders.”

He continued, “One day, while dreaming and drawing up ideas in my sketchbook and struggling to keep my pen steady, I wondered – what would the subway draw if I gave it a pen of its own?”

Gallery Forty-One to feature drone photography exhibit

A Brick Pond sunset. Provided photo.

A mashup of the words “Subway” and “Seismograph”, the Subweismograph was conceived – a mechanical device that enables any kinetic forces imposed on it to literally leave their mark.

He explained, “The Subweismograph interprets any trip you take it on into a visual composition and since COVID has imposed its own forces on the world, it has primarily interpreted my road trips in Brooklyn, where I live and throughout the Southern Tier, where I was raised and continue to spend much of my time. As with everyone’s journey in life, each piece is as unique as a fingerprint but cannot be reproduced even when using the same utensils along the same route. In keeping with that unrepeatable quality, all pieces are originals, one of a kind, and irreplaceable; there are no prints.

Drone photography: In the vein of unique perspectives is the relatively new technology of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

To some it may seem unnerving, but to a photographer and videographer, it’s a tripod with infinite possibilities.

“Ever since Harvey Loomis taught me how to use a camera at Owego Free Academy, I’ve been doing my best to capture the inspiring beauty of the Southern Tier, mostly around the Town of Owego and the surrounding rural hills,” added Westby.

Gallery Forty-One to feature drone photography exhibit

Pictured is the Subweismograph. Provided photo.

The newfound ability to precisely take high quality photos from any angle, any position, and easily move between them affords never before seen dreamy and romantic views of our enchanting corner of the world.

Westby continued, “I have compiled a collection of my favorite images featuring the Southern Tier’s iconic landmarks, nature, and agriculture, from misty landscapes to abstract patterns and shapes.”

These alternative perspectives of this stunning region will be on display at Gallery 41 in Owego, N.Y. until Oct. 30. 

You can speak with Westby, and see the drone and the Subweismograph device in person, at Gallery 41 on Oct. 3, from noon to 5 p.m.

More information can be found at, on Instagram at #gallery41owego; you can also call (607) 687-2876 or visit them at 41 Lake St. in Owego.

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