Using Best Business Practices; Not Tax Dollars

Dear Editor,

“Purchased when letters not packages made up a greater share of postal work, the bulky and aging machines can be expensive to maintain and take up floor space postal leaders say would be better devoted to boxes. Removing underused machines would make the overall system more efficient, postal leaders say. The Postal Service has cut back on mail-sorting equipment for years since mail volume began to decline in the 2000s. There are, of course, compelling examples of election dysfunction, most notably the mess New York made of some of its congressional primaries this summer. But rather than representing a Postal Service problem, that was because some states are unprepared for a dramatic increase of voting by mail.” — Washington Post (Aug. 16, 2020) 

President Trump is not pulling mailboxes or mail sorters or any other equipment to put a fix in to suppress mail-in ballot voters. What he did do is put a person from the business world in charge of USPS to move the service out of a negative cash flow for the taxpayers and become a business based on best practices and be cost neutral.  

For the past 20 years the budget has been unable to sustain their operation on income, costing taxpayers to maintain an out of date, unstructured service. While the costs have grown for the Postal Service, the service has not. It’s past time to bring the USPS into a 21rst Century Business model in the same way Amazon takes commitment and foresight and gets you what you ordered in 24 hours. Something the Democrats are not at all good at is business. In the past 20 years with direct banking, purchasing, communicating, and how we work for the most part, has been turned over to the Internet, causing the USPS to lose more money each year. 

The government’s own businesses, such as is Social Security and the I.R.S. are done electronically. Even those who receive food assistance receive it as SNAP credits on a reloadable debit card.  

Both Federal And State Treasuries send and receive business and individual tax filings and payments via Internet. New York State mandates many of these type of filings. 

On point to the claims being thrown around by the Democrats claiming Voter Suppression via cannibalizing USPS is another political and bogus tactic and abuse. 

The call by the majority house speaker Pelosi for the House to come back into session on the premise to address the “non-crisis” with USPS, but who would not call it back for work on bipartisan government funding to assist in another COVID-19 remediation, is in keeping with the past two years.

It is not about good government, it’s the same four-year push formed around their political agenda to demonize Republicans and our elected President.  


Florence Alpert

Candor, N.Y. 

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