Letter: Let’s open Tioga Downs!

Dear Editor,

Over the past 45 days I have taken two trips, one with a two-night stay to Turning Stone Casino. Upon entering, wearing a mask covering my MOUTH and NOSE, my temperature was taken, my driver license, for proper identification, was scanned, and my picture was taken. 

Persons who have quarantined state identifications are scrutinized. Observing numerous hand sanitation stations, I also observed as a player, after leaving a slot machine it was sanitized and on the machine was a notice of the time and date sanitized. If not sanitized, the screen suggested the player sanitize with product found all around the casino. 

I actually felt safer in the casino than most of the stores I visit. Turning Stone does not have to abide by New York State law, but is practicing and executing every single concept of safe operating practices one would expect in a facility in which one is safe to visit. 

If following the same safe practices, why is our Governor keeping Tioga Downs from opening? Tioga Downs can be made as safe to play in, eat in and sleep in as any place in the world. We also must remember the number of people they employ, who are now out of work, and the good works Mr. Gural has contributed to our area. Thank you, Mr. Gural.

Also, remember that wearing a mask covering the mouth and NOT THE NOSE is like wearing no mask at all. This puts you and others, doing the same thing, at risk of spreading COVID-19 virus to you, your family, friends and neighbors. If you’re in an operating room and you see a surgeon with the mask covering only the mouth and NOT THE NOSE – run. Most likely the Grim Reaper in disguise.


Harold Abrams

Lifetime resident of Tioga County

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  1. Harold put this very intelligently. I personally am not a gambler but I have family and friends that are. They would prefer to support local. After being cooped up for months and no gambling their going to drive to Turning Stone and other. Along with that goes the revenue, that could be going back into our local economy and put many back to work. That would also lower the unemployment rate. Mr. Gural is a smart business man, He is aware of how important it is to keep his customers safe, so they can continue to patronize his business.

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