CASA-Trinity Prevention Inc. and Tioga ASAP Coalition Spotlight

CASA-Trinity Prevention and the Tioga ASAP Coalition have had a great start to the summer. With the current circumstances, we have had to put our creativity to the test and we are excited to say we have passed with flying colors! 

Our virtual scavenger hunts have included families across the county, and the smiles we saw on everyone’s faces were an amazing sight! 

We are honored to have been able to participate in the packing and distribution of food in Owego and Berkshire. 

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Several Tioga County ice cream stands supported our prevention efforts by placing family bonding stickers on their ice cream cups. 

CASA-Trinity Prevention Inc. and Tioga ASAP Coalition SpotlightAnother family bonding event is Family Trivia Night! This features themed rounds and a lot of fun. 

Our “Thank it Forward” campaign is still in full swing. Essential workers and businesses are being thanked with a yard sign and are being featured online. 

We have created several virtual trainings that are being scheduled on Facebook (@TiogaASAP), and other topics are available upon request. Shawna Has a Secret is now being offered virtually as well.

CASA-Trinity Prevention Staff had a successful year of teaching evidence-based programming in several school districts. Despite not being able to finish the year, they were still able to reach a total of 659 students, teaching over 1,000 evidence-based classes. 

The students’ pre and post-test scores improved in all grades, which shows that once again our programming works to increase knowledge and skills around decision-making, goal setting, and drug and alcohol education. More classes and activities were planned, but hopefully next year even more of our county’s youth will receive this valuable education.

These are just some of the activities we have been working on over the past couple months. We are excited to share that we are in the process of planning additional fun, family friendly events. Like us on Facebook and you can see all of the activities we have coming up.

Thank you for all of your support, Tioga County!

For more information about any of our events or educational opportunities visit our Facebook pages @casa-trinity or @TiogaASAP.

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