Guest Editorial: Climate Change and Renewables

Greetings! My name is Nora Schuyler. I am a seventh grader at Owego Apalachin Middle School and I am writing in hopes that this will be published in The Owego Pennysaver.

“Climate change! Renewables!” We hear these familiar words in the news daily, but how much are we actually doing in our town? In the local area with the people who matter to us? Should we be handling hazardous chemicals that poison the air around us? 

Some people might say this is the only way, but it’s not. We naturally want an economically successful country, but if we continue with our terrible ways we will not have a country left. We need to make the switch to renewable energy if we genuinely want to achieve success. 

We talk passionately about making America great again, but what we are achieving is inevitably making America more polluted. If we genuinely want a better future, we desperately need to be making the switch.

Renewable energy is something that could transform our world forever. According to “Electric, Wind and Solar Already Are Paving the Way for a Renewable Energy Future” by Wayne Madsen, “Major hotel chains like Marriott and Hilton already have battery boosters at hundreds of their hotels, and many are building new hotels that run almost entirely on renewable energies.” These hotels have the right idea, as they will be clean, help our air, and preserve our resources. 

Renewable energy is the best way to have a low carbon emission in the world. According to Clean Power Becomes Cheap Power by Justin Gills, “Involve replacing two large coal-burning units with renewable energy and possibly some natural gas, it will cut Xcel’s emissions. That includes the carbon dioxide that is warming the planet, of course, but it also includes other pollutants like the fine particles that can send children to the hospital with asthma attacks.”

 Renewable will improve the health of our nation, which will help us considerably.

Some might say that wind and solar will never be as good as oil. According to “A Reality Check for Solar and Wind” by Robert Bryce, “Wind and solar are being trounced by the staggering surge in domestic oil and natural-gas production.” 

But I believe that if we mine more oil, there will not be any left. We won’t have any for other purposes, so we need to be using renewable energy. 

According to “Electric, Wind and Solar Already Are Paving the Way for Renewable Energy Future,” as U.S. Metropolises rapidly grow into super-cities, fossil-fuel dependent vehicles, factories with smoke stacks that belch pollution, and buildings heated by natural gas and coal will disappear.

All things considered, we need to switch soon to improve health, conserve valuable resources, and clean our air. This switch must be undoubtedly made, and it is up to us to do it.

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