Two Tioga County Legislators recognized posthumously

By JoAnn R. Walter —

At the fifth regular session of the Tioga County Legislature, held May 14, 2024, the Legislature presented two recognition resolutions posthumously, and in honor and remembrance of two Legislators who recently passed away, Legislator Dale N. Weston and former Legislator Todd E. Smith.

Legislator William Standinger presented the resolution that recognized Legislator Weston, who passed away on April 2, 2024. 

Weston served District 6 for 19 years and held multiple key roles. Prior to the Legislature, Weston served on the Spencer Town Board, and was a well-respected teacher and coach in the Spencer Van-Etten School District. He was also owner-operator of two successful businesses in the area.

Standinger shared that Weston was a mentor to him as he transitioned from law enforcement to the Legislature, and said, “Dale was unpretentious, humble and honest. If we can all be as good as him, the world would be a better place.”

Weston is remembered for leading the County through the historic Flood of 2011, and relocating the Department of Motor Vehicles back to the County Office Building, among other achievements. 

Weston wore several hats, and served on numerous committees. His fellow Legislators recalled that he was passionate and proud to serve on the Tioga County Soil & Water Conservation District Board of Directors, and also served on the N.Y.S. Fish and Wildlife Board, among other key board roles.

Weston’s wife of 60 years, Joan, attended the recognition along with her son, Brent, and accepted a copy of the Legislator’s Recognition Resolution.

Mrs. Weston encouraged all to visit the Nichols Park Pond located in Spencer, N.Y., a legacy of Dale’s commitment to the community. The park extends free access to visitors to enjoy nature and experience the richness of living in a rural community.

To view a full remembrance article about Legislator Dale Weston, visit a previously published article at

Former Tioga County Legislator Todd E. Smith passed away on April 8, 2024.  The former legislator served District 7 from Jan. 1, 1999 through Sept. 30, 2003. In addition to his many Legislative contributions, including roles in several committees, Smith served in local government in Newark Valley, N.Y. as town councilman, town supervisor, and magistrate.

Outside of the Legislature, Smith had been very involved in the Ti-Ahwaga Players of Owego as an actor, director, and set designer and builder. A copy of the Recognition Resolution will be forwarded to Smith’s family.

Smith is survived by his wife of 40 years, Joan, two sons, and a granddaughter.

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