The Old Coot learns how to start the week

By Merlin Lessler —

There are two ways to approach Monday, the start of the workweek for most people. It’s kind of like a New Year, with an opportunity to turn over a new leaf, to change. One way to greet Monday is with a groan, “Ugh! It’s Monday, five more long days until the weekend.” 

You slosh through the first few hours in a fog, maybe a little depressed. The Monday Blues! I’ve been retired for some time now, but I still remember that feeling, “I’ve just got to get through the week and then I can be happy again.”

The other way to greet the day is to treat it like a woman does when she comes into the Owego Kitchen before going to work. I’m there, sitting at the old coot table with Lester, Rick, Eric, Matt and Mike, sometimes the other Mike, and sometimes one or two of the other Ricks. In she comes before heading to work at the bank, I shouldn’t mention her name (it’s Jules). She banters, back and forth with us. She’s upbeat and laughs so hard that people up and down Lake Street must ask, “What was that?”

It starts on Monday with her yelling, “It’s HAPPY MONDAY! Ha Ha Ha.” She renamed the days of the workweek, starting with Happy Monday. Tuesday is “Second Monday.” Wednesday is “Hump Day,” like most workers think of it. Thursday is “Friday Eve,” and Friday is just plain old Friday, but if you hear her say it, with that beautiful laugh, you’ll know it’s a different kind of Friday. 

She has the same temptation to face Monday as the start of a long journey to the weekend. Blah! Ugh! Boo! But instead, she laughs her way into Monday, a great way to approach the workweek. 

I wish I’d learned that when I set the alarm on Sunday night for Miserable Monday. But, it’s never too late to learn, even for an old coot. Here’s hoping all your Mondays are Happy Mondays. 

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