Gail’s Tails

Gail’s TailsPictured is Virgo. Provided.

By Gail Ghinger —

My name is Virgo, from the Zodiac. Gail named me this after her late mother who was a Virgo (Aug. 17), and because I had this fight in me to live. I was born at Gail’s last summer, with four other siblings. They are all gone but me. 

They all went to the clinic to get their shots and get fixed, but I was too small so I had to stay home. A week after their surgery they all went to this place, heaven, but because I stayed home I didn’t get sick. 

Anyway, I am healthy and got spayed and had my shots. As you can see, I have extra toes. I grab my toys with them and hold on. 

Gail’s Tails

Julie holds Virgo, showing how friendly she is. Provided.

I have a raccoon- like tail and beautiful eyes. My friend Julie is holding me to show you I like this. I was supposed to be adopted a few weeks ago, but the young man is a college student and wanted to take me to school. Gail thought I am too fragile to be handled by so many people with all those germs at a college, so she said no to the student. 

Now I am looking for a family with one or two kids to play with me. I get along well with other cats, too. 

If you want me, please call Gail at (607) 689-3033. You can help with our bills by dropping off bottles and cans at the Redemption Center and say they are for Gail’s cats.

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