A Pastor’s Thoughts: The Total Solar Eclipse

A Pastor’s Thoughts: The Total Solar EclipsePictured is Pastor Phil Jordan. Provided.

By Pastor Phil Jordan, Saint Luke’s Chapel in VanEtten —

Many people are asking my spiritual thoughts about the Eclipse that will take place on the afternoon of April 8. Other than some of the spiritual and human chaos brought about by humanity because of this phenomenon, giving naysayers and spiritual theorists to go into dark thoughts because of the untimely nature of momentary darkness during daylight, I find it beautiful. It shows us how phenomenal the universe and creation really is, and that it all had to be created by a power greater than ourselves.

It is a reminder that even in the darkest moments, light will return. It is an event that will bring a divided nation together, if only for a few moments, no matter what our religion, our political beliefs, or our thoughts. If only the results of that event could last forever and our camaraderie, togetherness, excitement, and sharing of those moments would last forever.

Experience the Total Solar Eclipse in New York


It’s interesting for me as a Pastor to know that this is happening a week after Easter, and humanity will look to the heavens if only for a moment in complete togetherness.

Let it be a reminder as the eclipse crosses diagonally across most of a struggling United States that there will be things we can’t always explain, yet be reminded that we can come together through darkness into light. In its totality, the ring of light from the sun brought about by the shadow of the moon should be a reminder that a ring is an outward and visible sign of an eternal and inward spiritual grace.

So my thoughts are that it will be a heavenly event of momentary togetherness where all the cares, worries, prejudices, politics, and human weakness will be cast aside if only for a few moments. Let us look to the heavens on Monday and realize the beautiful thought that God is among us.

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