Planet-friendly Potluck Lunch taking place March 30 at FPUC

A Planet-friendly Potluck Lunch will take place on March 30, beginning at noon, at the First Presbyterian Union Church located at the corner of North Avenue and Temple Street in Owego. The public is invited to attend this vegetarian meal that the church describes as “good for one’s personal health and for God’s creation.”

Participants can bring their favorite vegetarian dish, bread, fruits, nuts, pizza or a store-bought salad or dessert if they don’t want to prepare food. Come with or without food; there is always plenty for all.

The monthly Planet-friendly Potluck at FPUC offers a delicious lunch, fellowship, and optional educational program on the last Saturday of each month at noon. The public is invited, so invite family and friends. The number of participants continues to grow, with many people bringing a wide range of delicious dishes to share with others.

In March, at the potluck, there will be a 12-minute educational video on Fair Trade chocolate that benefits the farmers and their communities. Though cocoa is a beloved commodity, cocoa farmers often struggle to make a living.

The Church wrote, in a press release for the event, that dark chocolate has health benefits, including increasing blood flow and helping to reduce blood pressure. These effects may also improve blood flow to the brain. Eating cocoa daily may have cognitive benefits, including improved learning, memory, and attention. Chocolate can also enhance brain function, with studies suggesting that it may improve cognitive performance and reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases. Chocolate can also be a positive mood enhancer.

For more information about the Planet-friendly Potluck, or any other FPUC programs, contact Pastor Bruce Gillette at (607) 744-0761 or email to

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