What Gifts Does God Give and What Gifts Do I Give to God?

What Gifts Does God Give and What Gifts Do I Give to God?Brahma Kumaris Illustration.

God has given us all many gifts, but we seldom use them. Perhaps it is because we lack the knowledge of their existence and the ability to utilize them. Sometimes we simply forget they belong to us. If a gift has been given with great love, is it not disrespectful to leave it in a corner without using it?  

One of the eternal gifts we receive from the Father is Peace. He reminds us, ‘Peace is your original state. You, Godly children, don’t need to search for peace – you already have it!” 

However, sometimes peace is hidden under the rubbish of our negative thoughts, our fears, and our worries. We now understand that peace, happiness and joy do not depend upon a large bank balance or any temporary physical thing. Although often buried, within each one of us is a treasure store of virtues and positive attitudes. Your present state of mind may be peace-less, but you are actually peaceful by nature. 

Another gift God gives is the gift of spiritual knowledge of the soul. At the holidays many Christmas trees and homes sparkle with colorful twinkling lights. Why is this? Perhaps we are unconsciously remembering our true identity as imperishable beings of light. 

The soul is an immortal point of spiritual light, and this is why each soul can be likened to a bulb, a light, on the world tree of humanity. God, the Supreme Soul, is the big Star at the top of the tree and He is also the Seed, and from Him all power is received that nourishes the whole tree. By being connected with the Seed, we receive the gift of enlightenment as the light of the soul once again becomes lit.  

God is like an “Eternal Santa Claus”. He comes from up above, and amazingly in one night (when the world is filled with darkness), distributes his Godly gifts to every person and home. He lands on the roof and climbs down dirty chimneys (represented by the current state of the world in general). With a twinkle of his eye (God is Light) he flies away in his magic sleigh pulled by eight reindeer (whose names are similar to eight original major qualities of the soul except maybe for Vixen).  

Think deeply about the gifts God has given you. They are always there. Every day stop for just a moment and remember and distribute God’s gifts. Spend a few moments to share your love and company with someone who needs it. Even if you have nothing to give, simply give the gift of a smile. 

What Gifts Does God Give and What Gifts Do I Give to God?

Brahma Kumaris Illustration.

Experience life as a new beginning. To wake up Christmas morning knowing you have life, is in itself quite a gift!

What gifts can I give to God this holiday season? Whatever gifts I give to the Father automatically are returned to me, many fold.

Give the gift of creating pure, positive thoughts through which we develop a close relationship with God and give peace and happiness to yourself and others. When the soul develops through reflection and study of Godly spiritual knowledge, our character and personality become rich, full of light and beauty. We are in full control of that wonderful ability we all have, the power of thought. 

Have the thought to become like the Father, and make yourself attractive to God. Father shows son, and the son shows the Father.  

Another gift for the Father is to wake up early in the morning and connect your mind and communicate with the mind of God. 

Give the gift of keeping my light shining by experiencing myself as I really am, a peaceful soul filled with virtues and positive attitudes.  

The gift of seeing others as souls, as our brothers and sisters. 

The most essence-filled gift to give to God is to see the world as one family, with God as the Father.

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