Letter: The Truth about New York State

CATO Institute just released their annual report, and New York State once again ranks as ‘The Least Free State’ in the United States. This report is easily found and is free to view.

The United States contributes approx 11% of world carbon emissions, and New York State contributes approximately 3% of United States carbon emissions. Do the math, and if Hochul’s green initiatives ever came true, the absolute maximum impact could be .003% while destroying the State economy and adding to the exodus of businesses and individuals from our state.

If you disagree with the exact 11% and 3% used it doesn’t matter, the message is the same.

Also, congratulations to Lock N Load of Owego for opening a new store “just south of the border” in Pennsylvania. We hope you stay in Owego, but purely understand transitioning out of New York.

Did you see the New York State Department of Education wants to lower their standards for earning a high school degree?

I was against changing the Owego Mascot in general, but the concept of the State withholding money from taxes we already paid unless we did what they told us to do is still unacceptable.

The bottom line is that New York State is becoming the model state for Communism. They want to tell us what type of appliances to buy, what type of cars to buy, how to heat our homes, and so on.

They don’t want the smartest youth graduating, and want them to be accustomed to the State taking care of them. They want to heavily tax us, and then sprinkle some of the money back in forms of welfare and multi-year grants that can only be approved on an annual basis.

They really don’t care if businesses leave, because that results in more people unemployed and relying on the State government to live.

Don’t kid yourself; this has been a well thought out plan for our Communist State.


Rance Brode

Owego, N.Y.

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