Gail’s Tails

Gail's TailsPictured is Sadie. Provided photo.

Hello, my name is Sadie. I am 10 years old. I used to live in a big house in Newark Valley with my mom.

One day in early May mom got sick and went to the hospital. I waited for her. I slept in her spot on the bed, but she didn’t come home. A strange lady came to feed me. She kept coming, and I kept waiting.

Then one day I sat there looking at her and thought, “Where is my mom?” She looked at me and said, “Your momma went to heaven baby.” She tried to catch me but I ran under the bed. A few days later she came with a cage. It had food in it so I went and ate it and got stuck inside. I tried so hard to get out I hurt my nose.

She called this Gail person to come and get me and take me to a doctor. While I waited, she let me loose in the bathroom and I rubbed my head on her hand. Gail took me to get my shots up to date and my head looked at.

Now it is all healed up and she wants me to find a nice family where I can live with people who like older cats.

Sadie has been very lonely since her owner’s passing, and because she is older no one seems to want her. She deserves to be loved by a family for the years of her life she has left.

She is still a bit overweight, but we are working on slimming her down. If interested, call Gail at (607) 689-3033 and ask for Sadie.

Donations can be made at Up the Creek Consignment or at the Bottle Redemption Center. Checks can be sent to Gail directly, just call the above number.

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