The Old coot is tied in knots!

I was walking along minding my own business, probably daydreaming, when my shoelace nearly tripped me. It had come untied. I knew why; I hadn’t tied it with a double knot. I had to bend down and re-tie it.

The bending down and getting back up isn’t a problem for me, like it is for a lot of Octogenarians, but losing my balance and tipping over while I’m down there tying the lace is a problem. I have a balance issue that ramps up during a bending down situation. I scolded myself for skipping the second knotting of the lace. I knew better.

I almost always tie my laces in a double knot. It prevents the tripping and bending down problem. It got me thinking, “Am I the only loyal, ‘double-knotter’ on the planet? What’s going on in the footwear world?” So, I started asking people, “Do you double-knot your shoes?”

I got blank stares from some young people, followed by, “What’s a double knot?” Including one kid, whose laces weren’t tied at all. And, of course, being an old coot, I pointed out it might cause him to trip. He grinned and told me that’s what his mother always tells him.

I noticed his friend’s sneakers had a knot at the top eyelet (hole) and the rest of the lace was cut off, converting the tie-shoe to a slip-on. If I tried that the sneakers would have to be so loose for me to get into them that I’d take two steps and become shoeless.  

My unscientific survey provided a spectrum of answers I hadn’t anticipated. “I only wear flip flops!” – “I only double knot when I’m hiking.” (Or jogging.) – “I don’t have any tie shoes.” – “My shoes fasten with Velcro.”

The survey proved the world has changed, and now the Sketchers Company is pushing it even further with their new, slip-on sneakers. I tried on a pair; they were too wobbly for me. I’ll stick with a double knot and stay safe, in spite of Martha Stewart recommending slip on Sketchers in TV ads. “Stick to what you know, Martha!” (I should do the same, but.)

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