Two Brother’s Pizza and Sub Shop Opens in Candor

Two Brother’s Pizza and Sub Shop Opens in CandorPictured are Terry Rose and Bartt Smith. The two have teamed up to delve into creating a gathering place for young and old alike, Two Brother’s Pizza, located in Candor, N.Y. Provided photo.

Life-long friends from Candor’s ’84 Graduating Class, Terry Rose and Bartt Smith, have teamed up to delve into creating a gathering place for young and old alike. A place where schoolmates, friends, and relatives can meet up, enjoy a slice of freshly prepared pizza or subs served on fresh in-house baked sub rolls, and experience a camaraderie that Rose and Smith have shared like brothers over the years.

During one of their conversations in 2021, both Rose and Smith realized they had a similar dream to give back to the community.

“A lot of it truly has to do with the history of the town,” said Smith, adding, “The things we’ve always loved, the special places there are and were, and what it was like growing up in Candor. And Terry’s passion for pizza! In truth, we want to be one of those places that become part of the community.”

Their love of food preparation, their social skills and their passion to share their dream with others has culminated in their joint venture of the Two Brothers Pizza and Subs. Smith credits the help they’ve received in an effort to learn from others who have ‘been there’, including his cousin Matt, who owns Pour House Pub and Grill in Endicott, as well as Pete and Sherry Claire from Turkey Trot Acres, and Brewed Awakening. In addition, the “Two Brothers” appreciate the solid support they’ve received from other local people, businesses, and groups such as the Health Department and the Village of Candor. 

When asked what they envision the eatery to project, Rose commented, “My hope is people enjoy what we offer enough to make a connection with the community, provide a nice place for kids, families, and to be able to share our success by giving back to the community.”

And many in the community have been all but holding their breath waiting for opening day. Asked what has taken so long, their response was that the down-side of the site being a historic building (the old Candor Town Hall / Candor Market), meant that there were unforeseen layers and changes required to bring the building up to date, and up to code. The actual reconstruction of the interior layout to provide easy ordering, and a comfortable environment for their customers, took much deliberation and construction, and time. And with any new food establishment, it required contacting multiple vendors.

“Most of our inventory will come from local suppliers with ties to local producers,” Rose stated. “Our goal is to keep things local as much as practically possible.” 

“Our main attraction will be our wood-fired pizza oven that is directly behind the counter which will allow customers to watch the pizzas being created and tended to through the quick cooking process,” said Smith, adding, “The majority of the remaining kitchen, including the double decker stone pizza oven, will be open – there will be no doors blocking the view of the kitchen, allowing interaction between the cooks and the customers.”

Daily specials are currently in the developmental stage. However, a wing night will be one of their highlights, as well as offering specialty pizzas on a weekly basis. The two concur that they will not be serving alcohol of any kind, and there will be no smoking allowed inside the building.

To start with, they plan to be open between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday; and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Parking and entrances to the establishment will be both in front of and behind the building.

As for paying for your orders, the Two Brothers will have a POS card system that ties into their ordering system. There will be a customer-facing screen to review orders while they are placed. Once the establishment opens, food can be ordered and picked up at the counter, or phoned in for pick-up by calling (607) 659-4455.

Rose and Smith are hoping to hold an Open House during Candor’s Fall Festival, set for Oct. 6-8. To keep posted and find out what’s happening, visit, or find Two Brothers Pizza and Subs on Facebook.

On an historic note, The Young’s Hall, Candor Hall Company, Candor Opera House, and the Town Hall are a few of the names the building at 82 Main St. housed prior to becoming a store. And then it had several owners along the way. But in 2019, the Candor Market, owned by Lloyd and Teresa Twarz, closed their store and it was sold to Chad and Athena Rose. Included were the businesses at 80, 82, and 84 Main St.

Although Chad and Athena Rose own the properties, they are renting out space for businesses to operate at the three locations, while the upper floors will be apartments. The previous Main Street Spirits business, now known as Main Street Liquors, is owned and run by Lisa Rose. The Kazon Card and Game business, owner John Tufarella, remains the same, and the Candor Market location has become two separate businesses. Sharing the first floor is the Two Brothers’ Pizza and Subs business, and a fresh meat, produce market, and deli owned by Lisa Rose. 

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