Gail’s Tails

Gail’s TailsPictured is Nanny. Provided photo.

Hi there. I’ve been told my name is Nanny, as I have had many litters over the past three years. I used to have a family on Arthur Avenue in Endicott, but they moved away about three years ago. I’ve been living on the streets since they left.

I have been going to different houses to find food, and I spent winter living under porches. I am older now, and the cold gets to me.

A man who feeds me said I should find a home to live in so he took me to Gail. Gail got me to a vet and got me fixed so I won’t have any more babies, had me tested, and got me all my shots and a flea treatment.

I didn’t like her at first so I hissed a lot. After a week or so I realized she was nice, and she fed me good food and gave me a soft bed. Now I like her and rub my head on her and let her pet me. I think if you give me a little time to get to know you, I would do the same to you. I need to trust you first.

If you think you would like to get to know me, call Gail at (607) 689-3033. I want to spend this Christmas with you, get some toys to play with, and be warm for a change. You can make a donation for us at Up the Creek Consignment in Owego or at the Redemption Center in town. To donate by check, call Gail.

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