Gail’s Tails

Gail’s TailsPictured are Figgy and Newton, 13-weeks-old and ready for their new home. Provided photo.

Hello people! Have you ever seen such beautiful babies? We are Figgy the female Manx in the middle and Newton my brother next to me. Our mom calls us the Bengal babies because we have spots on out tummies.

We were all born in a barn in Berkshire in late spring. Our mom is a Manx, so some of us don’t have tails. Gail came and got all four of us when we were about one month old.

We were all healthy, but we were cold in the barn so we went to a warm house. We are 13 weeks old now and just went to the doctor this week and got tested for diseases, got our shots, were de-wormed, spayed, and neutered.

We are doing well and are ready to be adopted together. We like to run and chase each other, play with a cloth mouse and sleep a lot.

If you think you want us both Gail will give you a two-for-one deal, just call her at (607) 689-3033 and ask for Figgy and Newton.

To donate towards vet care or food, call Gail at the aforementioned number.

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