Letter: Our dollar is shrinking

Dear Editor,

It’s really disingenuous to compare Trump’s spending with the current regime. Newsflash for you democrats, do you remember the pandemic? Do you remember warped speed and the billions of dollars that were sent to big Pharma to produce a vaccine that ended up being worthless? The CDC admits that it did nothing to reduce the spread of the virus. Please spare me the idea that it somehow lessened the effects of Covid. 

The Democrats, with the help of their love child, Dr. Fauci, encouraged everybody to wear masks despite no peer-reviewed studies that proved it worked. The world was duped by what they are saying now was a man made disaster. 

Getting back to the budge debate. We were forced to spend upwards of a trillion dollars on this pandemic. Do you remember all the stimulus checks you received? No wonder the budget went up 25 percent. Donald Trump was duped like the rest of us. I think it’s hardly fair to compare the spending in an emergency situation with the reckless spending of the Biden Presidency.

Seriously, is it wrong to request some stricter work requirements on able bodied people who are able to work but prefer to get handouts? Is it wrong to try to recoup some of the unspent money that wasn’t used for Covid relief? 

Everybody is complaining about inflation. Well, it’s in direct proportion to the Government’s wasting of our money. Do you enjoy watching your dollar shrink to almost nothing? 

The Republicans voted to raise the debt limit in exchange for some structural changes to spending. I hardly think it’s a bad thing to go back to the 2022 spending. 

Democrats don’t seem to care that we are saddling every child born with $95,000 in debt before they take their first breath. 


Jim Outman

Owego, N.Y.

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