Gail’s Tails

Gail’s TailsPictured is Remi. Photo provided by Gail Ghinger.

Hi. My name is Remi. You met my brother last week. Our story is the same. We lived outside until it got really cold and then Gail came and got us. I was in bad shape unlike my brother. My eyes were infected and I could barely see.

I was really scared to come eat because roofers were pounding all the time and making loud noises. I waited until it got dark to come eat. It was quiet then.

When Barnaby got trapped I was afraid I’d never see him again so I stayed away. After a week I gave up and went in the trap. I was really happy when Gail got me home and I saw my brother again.

I am still very shy and loud noises scare me, but I got used to Gail and I let her pet me now. I got an operation and lots of shots and medicine to make my eye better. It doesn’t open all the way, but I can see.

If you want to adopt me you have to have patience and let me get used to you. I will love you when I know you won’t hurt me. You can pet me while I eat, that’s okay.

Call Gail to adopt me at (607) 689-3033. You can donate cans for the cats to help with a $2,000 vet bill at the Redemption Center by the KFC in Owego.

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