Letter: Don’t Blame Biden!

Dear Editor,

Biden was placed in office by the money behind today’s Democrat Party, which has no resemblance to the party of years ago. The POWER behind today’s Democrat Party wants a one party government (full control of us) and they are trying to achieve it with their money and corruption.

The Billionaire Elites have spent up to three times what Republicans could muster in election cycles, with projections of five times for 2024. Elections are being bought and/or stolen. Ill legitimate elections are being contested across the country, but with liberal courts and legal fees, good luck.

So who’s running our country? Hard to say for sure, but it’s folks that will respond to money, power and corruption, with caring less about us and our country. How has our country’s governments gotten to this point?

Gradually over a few decades our politicians have sunk deeper in the swamp. In today’s politics every Democrat voter is unknowingly turning this country over to our enemy, the Global Billionaire Elites. I’m so sad and scared when I’m told, “WELL I’M A DEMOCRAT!” This spells the end of freedom and our great lifestyle; plus think of our grand kids and great-grand kids, to say nothing of the world.

We are being taken and the average Democrat voter thinks it’s just everyday politics. Most of the media isn’t going to convey anything different, Democrat politicians are going to bait you with dollars, promises, environmental scares and racial division, and big tech is going to entertain anything that will bring them the largest return.

So who cares about us, or our country? It’s us, the average voter. I can only write a few letters, talk to a few people, contribute to a few patriot politicians, Pray, plus lose sleep. BUT united, informed and with our great Lord, we can rescue our country.

With respect for our country!

Bruce Beckert

South New Berlin, N.Y.

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