Letter: Control has changed in the White House

Dear Editor,

A win in the house is a positive step, but we have a long road ahead to save this country from the global elites. We have been on a much longer road tearing this country down than most of us have realized, and it’s going to take all of us that see what is going on, with God’s help, to save our country. God will help, but only through us.

We have many tasks ahead of us; three being as follows:

First, is informing the rest of our people what is really happening and if left unchecked, what kind of country we will have left to live in. Most of the media is fake news and has helped get us to this new low, so we can’t look to them. (Although there are good sources of accurate news if you look around.) 

Second, we need to stay in touch with our political representatives, no matter which side of the aisle they are on. All Republicans don’t do right for conservative values. Rino’s (Republican in name only) have been very detrimental. They like to make deals with the Democrats to be in the inner circle where the money is. All of our representatives need to know our concerns, and that we are paying attention.

Third, we need to understand our election process and financially support the legitimate groups that are taking election fraud to task. Election tampering is on the rise and there are a number of organizations that are bringing it to light. This is just one more way the global elites are undermining our democracy. They are working every avenue they can because they know they have to gain ground now before too many of us become aware of what’s being done to our country.    


Bruce Beckert

South New Berlin, New York

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