Maddie’s Meadows Pet of the Week

Maddie’s Meadows Pet of the Week

Hi, I am Michelle. I was born in June of 2022 under a trailer in Candor with my three siblings. You met my brothers Madison and Montgomery in a previous posting. My brother Monroe will be posted next week. My Mom brought us out to eat some food that they were leaving for us.  

When we were about two months old the lady giving us the food said that we had eye infections and could not see well. She called this lady named Gail to come get us and make us better. There were nine of us, but my siblings and I were the sickest. 

We went to a vet and she gave us medicine for our eyes. My left eye does not look like it healed but the vet said that I have a birth defect, that eye is too small. No further medication will be needed. That’s okay, I can see just fine with my other eye. I can still play and roll around and be silly, looking at you from upside down. I love playing with toys like balls with bells in them. They are the best.

I am healthy now, so I am longing to be a part of a family who loves me and wants to take care of me. Will you let me come and play at your house? I will entertain you with my antics by the hour. I will be a joy to you and your family. 

I like other cats but I’m not sure about dogs, but I bet if they like me I will like them. If you would be interested in meeting me you can call Gail at (607) 689-3033 and ask for Michelle, I will be waiting anxiously! 

If you want to help Gail to pay all of her vet bills, because she really needs help with them, please send your donations to Gail Ghinger, P.O. Box 435, Owego, N.Y. 13827. She really needs your help.

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