Letter: What action is planned for the Indian?

Dear Editor,

We know what New York State is telling us about being Owego Indians. Pat Gavin wrote a very moving article in last week’s Pennysaver about why that should not be taken away from Owego students, alumni, athletes, citizens, and taxpayers. 

Don’t we deserve to know if and what is being done to stop the Indian from being taken from Owego? Are we just supposed to accept when they tell us we are no longer Owego Indians? 

Do we not deserve a voice? Does the Board of Education for Owego Apalachin need help from the community? Or do they just not care? I believe we need and have the right to know what is happening! 

Please tell us what is being done and if you need citizens to help fight this. Let us know!

A Concerned Taxpayer,

E.E. Cowell

Owego, N.Y.

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