Tax Exemption available for seniors

On Dec. 23, Governor Hochul signed Legislation to amend Real Property Law in relation to notifications for the existing Senior Citizen exemption. This is not a new, or an additional exemption. 

Municipalities are now mandated to notify all residential property owners, regardless of age, that any property owner age 65 or over may be entitled to a Senior Aged Exemption on their taxes. 

This is a very large expense for the Town of Owego. Within seven to 10 days, you will receive a postcard explaining qualification criteria in detail. If you already have this exemption, you do not need to notify the Town Assessor’s office. 

If you are under age 65, you do not need to notify their office. If you believe you meet the criteria for this exemption explained on your notification, contact the Town of Owego Assessor’s office by calling (607) 687-0123, option 1.

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  1. Andrea Tennant | January 30, 2023 at 1:20 pm | Reply

    I called, and it was school enhancement, which I have. Is this a different tax exempt for seniors? Thankyou

    • The Tax Exemption for seniors differs from the regular Star Exemption program. If you are 65 and already have it, I don’t believe you have to do anything; but if you just turned old enough for the school enhancement, then you need to apply. Hope that helps.

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