Letter: We live in a generous community!

Dear Editor,

Many, many thanks to our wonderful community for sharing so generously throughout our Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons! 

To all organizations, churches, businesses, families, and individuals – we owe each and all a debt of gratitude for your outpouring of love, made manifest in food and toy donations, refurbished bicycles and watches, knitted hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, coats and jackets, quilts, ornaments and pillowcases, Angel and Giving Tree gifts and, of course, cash donations. 

Special thanks to those who shared their love by adopting families for Christmas and / or Thanksgiving. All these efforts, large and small, brightened the world of others and shone a light on a community that cares for its members.  

We, at TCRM, are immensely proud and grateful to be members of this loving and giving community.


Tioga County Rural Ministry

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