Letter: Audit results a future tool

Dear Editor,

In light of the series of articles, and subsequent interviews surrounding the New York State Comptroller’s recent Owego Shared Services project Audit results, we feel compelled to address the topic too.

Although neither of us voted to support the new Owego Shared Services project, we respect that our democracy dictates, essentially, that the majority rules. And that has been the case with this project as well.

We are grateful that the Auditors took the time to thoroughly examine the town’s procedures and protocols as they pertain to the Shared Services project. We have found their feedback to be insightful, precise, and worthy of close consideration. 

Going forward, we can use their assessment and subsequent recommendations as a tool to help us make better and more effective decisions for the taxpayers of Owego.

We appreciate the support of our fellow Town of Owego residents, and invite any of you, wholeheartedly, to reach out to us. We would love your feedback.


Jonathan Marks, Owego Town Councilman

Craig Jochum, Owego Town Councilman

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