Be Worry Free

Be Worry FreeBrahma Kumaris Illustration.

— Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles. It takes away today’s peace —

It may seem impossible sometimes to live and not worry. Actually, 85% of what we worry about never happens! Never allow your life force to be depleted in fear or doubt. Instead, calm down, and at times throughout the day, stop and observe myself. 

Calm energy enables me to notice what I’m saying, thinking and doing, and to rearrange my emotions and thoughts and find positive solutions. When we practice self-observation, we see other paths and ideas and recognize we have choices. We then have the power to create healthy situations and relationships that support loving kindness, clarity, respect and responsibility.  

Most of us come into relationships to receive love, respect and acceptance, without realizing our role is to give, not get. When our expectations are not fulfilled we try to change people, which means we aren’t accepting them. We send them negative energy, causing them to worry and move away from us!

Be Worry Free

Brahma Kumaris Illustration.

To become worry free, stop looking at others and focus on yourself.

When we notice what we are saying, doing and thinking, we become self-aware. Self-awareness is a shift in consciousness where one realizes his true self. To do this, go beyond awareness of the body, your roles and possessions and connect to the eternal part of yourself, the soul, and to the soul of others. This pure love frees and empowers. 

*TIME magazine has a good start for understanding self-awareness. 

“In 2023, aim to practice body neutrality. This means accepting our bodies as vessels that allow us to go for a run or walk to the mailbox, instead of attaching positive or negative feelings to them. Rather than say, ‘I love my body’, shift to ‘I accept my body as it is.’ ‘I appreciate what it does for me.’” 

Be Worry Free

Brahma Kumaris Illustration.

Wonderful thoughts, right? Yes indeed, but who is ‘I’ ‘my’ and ‘me’? Is the body saying, ‘I accept and appreciate what my body does for me?’ No! So who is appreciating the body? It is I the soul who thinks ‘I accept my body as it is’. The body merely puts this thought into sound. Me, myself and I all refer to the soul, the imperishable invisible being of spiritual light that gives life to the body. I, the soul thinks, feels, speaks, and performs actions through the physical body. 

“Practice this change in identity by saying ‘I, the soul.’ With this new identity, I approve of myself knowing who I am. When I forget to say ‘I the soul’, the habitual habit of ‘I the body’ – of identifying myself as a body remains, along with the worries and tensions.”

Be Worry Free

Brahma Kumaris Illustration.

Check every day what you have filled in the container of your mind? Does anything need changing? Meditate and fill yourself with peace and spiritual power being received from God. 

I, the soul, choose my thoughts wisely and reclaim a calm and peaceful mind in order to grow spiritually and help others grow. I, the soul, make a promise from my heart to let go of the habits that hinder my happiness and reclaim my peace of mind. Keep practicing and you will forget all about worry!

*TIME magazine, page 8 – ’5 wellness trends to ditch in 2023’ January 16/23, 2023

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