Owego Moose Lodge prepares for the holiday season

Owego Moose Lodge prepares for the holiday seasonOwego Moose Lodge 1595 has started their food collection that will benefit Tioga County Rural Ministry. For more information on Lodge activities, email to lodge1595@mooseunits.org. Provided photo.

The Owego Moose Lodge 1595 is heading into its holiday season and is already collecting food for families in need. The food collected is being donated to the Tioga County Rural Ministry. 

Area residents who wish to participate by donating canned and non-perishable food can leave them in the entryway to the Lodge from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Friday.  

Members of the Lodge want the community to know more about the Lodge, so in the next few weeks they are going to provide a history and some interesting facts about the Loyal Order of the Moose. 

The Lodge is more than a social club. Many local community events are held at the Lodge Hall such as wedding receptions, class reunions and auctions, just to mention a few. Lodge members generously provide for our community residents through donations of food and money, as well as sponsoring youth activities. 

The lodge began when a group of co-workers working in a steel-rolling mill began to pool their monies to assist each other in their time of need. This group called itself “The Moose”. 

James J. Davis, leader of the group, devised a plan to expand coverage to include financial help in the event of a wage earner’s death. Eventually the group’s coverage expanded to include financial assistance for members in the golden years of life. 

The Loyal Order of Moose was founded in 1888. Today, as in the past, Lodge members come together in time of need to lend a helping hand, not only to its members, but also to residents in the community.  

The Lodge is located just outside of the village on Route 17C west. Individuals that are interested in pursuing membership should contact a friend or relative belonging to the Moose and come for a visit to the Lodge. 

For more information or a copy of their newsletter, send an email to lodge1595@mooseunits.org 

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