Increase Your Spiritual Power

Increase Your Spiritual PowerBrahma Kumaris Illustration.

To increase our spiritual power has to do with one of the most important words in the human language, “awareness”. Both problems and solutions start in our awareness. 

Our energy takes on the quality of our thoughts. The thoughts we place in our awareness eventually create the quality of our personal world and experience of life. Pay close attention to what we allow into our awareness as we tend to see things not as they are, but as we are!  

Solutions happen when we focus on thinking and listening to good and beneficial things. Erase the word ‘problem’ from your awareness and replace it with the word ‘situation.’ Situations feel more comfortable to solve than problems!

Increase Your Spiritual Power

Brahma Kumaris Illustration.

Becoming quiet and simple inside is a first step to seeing things truly. Silence increases our awareness to see the ‘situation’ clearly, allowing us to use our time, thoughts and qualities effectively, make right decisions, and thus benefit all. In the silence of inner quietness, the intellect makes everything clear, and then we know how to act for the best.   

The first and foremost power in any difficult situation is the power to change or transform one’s thinking, as per the needs of the ‘situation’, into a positive one. Throughout the day, check within and become aware of your thoughts. When necessary, change the quality by creating one or more positive thoughts. 

Increase Your Spiritual Power

Brahma Kumaris Illustration.

For example, keeping in your awareness, “I am a soul; I radiate light and peace” removes our worries, waste, and negative thoughts. “God is doing and making me do” helps to relieve the stress of a too busy life! Being aware and practicing such spiritual thoughts allows you to overcome the negative situation and remain light and happy.

Recognize that, like musical notes, we are all different. Only when I am able to harmonize with others can I create a beautiful tune. Working with other people, I learn to understand them. In the process I also learn more about myself, and how to use my thoughts to support others. 

Use the power of good wishes to bring peace and harmony with those people with whom our relationships are not positive. Good wishes are virtues in action and make us loving and humble. 

Increase Your Spiritual Power

Brahma Kumaris Illustration.

Peaceful and pure thoughts are light, and waste and negative thoughts are heavy. Therefore, to remain constantly light, keep your intellect busy with pure thoughts and continue to dance in happiness. The more we fill our mind and heart with these good wishes and spiritual powers, the more complete, successful and happy we become. This is spiritual power in action.

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