Look for the best in others; it brings out the best in you

Look for the best in others; it brings out the best in youBrahma Kumaris Illustration.

Work is only work only if we prefer to be somewhere else. Work tends to be a negative perception of a task that we reluctantly approach. Work is only labor when we forget to see our life as it truly is – an opportunity to be creative, enrich others and be enriched ourselves.

Why do we sometimes reluctantly approach work? Work becomes ‘work’ when at the workplace we think, speak or hear about the habits and behaviors of others and situations, which are thought to be not right. Unconsciously we consume this negativity into our energy field. Gossip is the simplest way to deplete our energy and to pollute the work environment. 

When you look at the defects of others, those defects enter you. Protect your energy field from the behaviors and energies of people around you simply by focusing only on the goodness in people; speak only of the positive characteristics in them. Transform the habit of thinking and speaking negatively about others or a situation as it is hard work, creates a stressful atmosphere, and just doesn’t work! 

To think about the transformation of others is a waste of time. Each of us has to think about how we can be good instruments for our own transformation. Whatever we do, we do for or to ourselves. Focusing on people’s good qualities makes us feel, be and do good.    

Look for the best in others; it brings out the best in you

Brahma Kumaris Illustration.

The wiser we become, the more gently we deal with other people’s mistakes. It is because a gentle heart never makes others feel guilty about their mistakes. When people are rude to you, realize they reveal who they are – NOT who you are! So don’t take it personally.  

When we work well it is much easier to say ‘no’ when we need to, for we know our own value, and are not dependent on others’ approval to feel good about ourselves.

In meditation sit back and program your mind to focus only on the goodness in yourself and others. In this way increase your self-control and willpower. Care for everyone’s feelings and privacy. Refuse to judge people or indulge in small talk. Speak only kind and good words about others.   

Your positive thoughts and words about others raise your energy and the energy of everyone around you. When we are able to see work in this way, we find something called enthusiasm inside. When we are enthusiastic, we work well and we are valued. We are used as role models. 

Look for the best in others; it brings out the best in you

Brahma Kumaris Illustration.

When we put love and enthusiasm into what we do, it rebounds in the form of opportunities and blessings, two of the most important ingredients of a truly wealthy life. We look forward to work and see it truly as an opportunity to be creative, enrich others, and be enriched ourselves. 

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