Letter: Democrats are in full control, and look where we are!

Dear Editor,

It doesn’t matter whether it’s our state or country; Democrat control is negative towards our future and us. Freedom always has to be guarded because there is always a force to take it away from us. Historically we guarded it as a whole or as a country. Now conservatives have to protect our freedoms because Democrats are under globalist forces and control. Major money is steering their ship.

At this point we have clear experience of what is coming. We just don’t know how bad it can get. We are only experiencing the tip of the iceberg at this point.

If we, as a State and Country, continue our liberal voting pattern we will encounter the complete iceberg and our State and Country will sink. You can’t recoup a ship from the bottom of the ocean.

With all said, we have a tremendous responsibility to fully understand where we are at and how to vote to save our State and Country. This liberal force has consumed most of our media, so where do we turn to get honest information.

Some resources are one, The Epoch Times, a National Weekly newspaper based out of New York City; two, News Max TV News Channel; three, One America News (OAN) News Channel; four, The My Pillow Guy, Mike Lindell, with his FrankSpeech.com website; and five, Conservative Talk Radio, usually on AM. None of these are influenced by big global money, and they are functioning as news resources are expected to.

Absolutely everyone has to get out and vote. It’s our right and responsibility, and the foundation this great country was built on. Every one of us must do our part to save our State / Country. Just look where we are at now. It’s not going to be done for us. 

Finally we must pray to God to guide us, to stand with us through the biggest test of this country in our lifetime. Generations before us upheld the freedoms of our country, now it’s our time.



Bruce Beckert

South New Berlin, N.Y.

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