Become the ‘Minister of State’ for Happiness

Become the ‘Minister of State' for HappinessBrahma Kumaris Illustration.

The United Arab Emirates wants to ensure its citizens are happy. The city of Dubai has a genuine concern and passion for its citizens. A recent documentary on the UAE stated it has created a position in the government responsible for citizens’ happiness. Imagine being the Minister of State for Happiness. What an exceptional position!

We often feel our wellbeing and happiness is in the hands of others, yet we long to feel in control with our own power. In reality, real power and authority is personal power, power to rule the self and not having power and authority over others. 

Freedom is a state of mind achieved when you don’t try to control or criticize anyone or anything. Personal power leads to freedom. Personal power also creates a gentle heart. The wiser we become, the more gently we deal with other people’s mistakes. We become individual ministers of happiness who strengthen the self-respect of others rather than focus on their mistakes and make them feel guilty.  

Become the ‘Minister of State' for Happiness

Brahma Kumaris Illustration.

Achieving personal power. I must think before I act, because after sowing the seed of action I have to reap the fruit. Consciously feeding the mind with good thoughts is like planting healthy seeds in fertile ground. What you see today is fruit from a seed you planted in the past, not the fruit of chance. 

Whatever I do, when all is said and done, I do for myself.  Moreover, I do not receive only one fruit for every seed sown; I often get a whole crop, good or bad according to the quality of my thoughts.

With the belief we are just the physical body and my thoughts are simply the results of chemical and electrical processes in the brain, and not something I can consciously control, we let go of taking charge of what was going on inside the mind. Human beings forgot and had no inkling of the power within the self.  Underestimating our inner strengths, we allowed weeds to grow in the garden of the mind, instead of beautiful fragrant flowers.

Become the ‘Minister of State' for Happiness

Brahma Kumaris Illustration.

Plant seeds of peace now. By understanding I am a spiritual being with immense power, I can break through limitations of the body, age, roles and opinions of others. Peace is our true religion. When we are at peace, we are able to connect with the supreme source and experience God’s power.  

And when we are at peace, we are able to experience our own power. Ignorance made us believe life happens haphazardly, and wisdom teaches everything that happens has profound significance. Wisdom now teaches us to plant seeds of peace and create a life of happiness.  

‘‘Every thought we think is creating our future.” — Louise Hay

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