Determination, the Wake-Up Call to Willpower

Determination, the Wake-Up Call to WillpowerBrahma Kumaris Illustration.

Determination is a secret and essential ingredient to nurture to make life successful. On my spiritual journey, no matter how much enthusiasm I have or how clear my aim is, without determination I will give up sooner or later. In times of challenge, take care that determination does not lead to stubbornness. Instead, apply a spiritual solution. Take time to reflect in meditation. Let go of resistance. Do not oppose anyone or anything with my mind. Connect to God’s light. Quietly listen for the most compassionate way to deal with the situation and wait for an approach or an answer to present itself. 

Determination, the Wake-Up Call to Willpower

Brahma Kumaris Illustration.

The quality of our thoughts affects the quality of our relationships, our words, and our actions. The mind has been ruling us long enough! One way to take charge and regain loving rule over the mind is to practice affirmations. Affirmations are promises we make to ourselves that are helpful to strengthen the mind in order to break negative habits or weak thoughts created as a result of conflicts and mistaken attitudes.  

Begin experimenting. Here are some examples. Today I will see the good in others and not think about what is negative or harmful. I will see others in the way I would like them to see me.  From now on I will not judge others.  I will speak peacefully, slowly and softly. I will stay calm and in peace and not react.

Determination, the Wake-Up Call to Willpower

Brahma Kumaris Illustration.

Think, or better yet speak the affirmation out loud with feeling, believing in them and not in a monotonous and impersonal voice. To be effective we must repeat it at least five times a day so it becomes recorded in our subconscious. When we listen to something repeatedly, we begin to believe in it. Advertising and songwriters use this technique constantly. They create a phrase, a slogan, and repeat it over and over again in the media until finally people believe it. We enjoy a lot of contentment by thinking in a pure way. Make positive affirmations become part of your emotional diet. Be determined to consume emotionally healthy information, and be strict about this diet!  

Remember – “Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”-Winston Churchill.

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