Letter: Vote for U.S.A. Patriots, not Republicans

Dear Editor,

It is very understandable that people follow traditions relating to many things, including politics. Add to this the reality that most Americans 40 and older have enjoyed many decades of relatively good times, so why pay too close attention to politics? They have become complacent with the twists and turns the government has taken. 

Over these decades, specifically those following Ronald Reagan’s 1987 veto of codifying the Fairness Doctrine, a new culture of extremism and violent rhetoric has gradually overtaken the Republican Party. Trump exposed this by using such rhetoric and investing massive financial resources into media outlets to convince 70% of Republican voters that the 2020 election was stolen with the support of Republican members of Congress. They will do everything in their power to pull off their agenda, even if that means changing the whole political fabric of this country to do so. 

This weaponized rhetoric is now so rooted that our current Republican leadership (whose party has not won the popular vote in decades) have embraced this new culture of extremism, working to remain in power by any means possible. Even if it means looking the other way when a former President incites a deadly attack on our Capitol in an attempt to prevent the peaceful transition of power and change this country forever. 

When you realize this radical Republican Party has taken control of who sits on our town boards, state legislatures, Supreme Court benches, and just about every other power center in the country, you understand the 2022 and 2024 elections are going to set the stage for the future of democracy. Voting for U.S.A. patriots (NOT REPUBLICANS) is absolutely critical for the generations that follow us. Republican candidates are going to follow the rhetoric of this extremist movement, as they are right now, because that’s where their MAGA money is.

An automatic vote R in the next two major elections will be a vote to end our country as we’ve known it, and open the door for this extremist movement to lock up full control of us forever.

Republican rhetoric surrounding inflation is just a prelude of what’s coming; 100% of Republicans in the House of Representatives voted against legislation that would prevent price gouging at the gas pump, while airing targeted ads on “Bidenflation”. Politicians who are in the public eye are steering this extremist agenda by using the media to lie to their constituents, claiming to care about issues that hurt American families while they vote down policies that would ease their burdens: they know what they are doing, and are strategic in its application. 

If we leave this to our youth, shame on us!


Irena Raia

Owego, N.Y.

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  1. If those familiar with my previous editorial writing think this article doesn’t “sound” like me, that’s because it doesn’t. It is a direct rebuttal of a letter written by a Mr. Bruce Beckert & published July 27th: http://www.owegopennysaver.com/PS/2022/07/27/letter-current-inflation-and-short-supply-is-just-a-prelude-of-whats-coming/

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