A Dual Exhibit: Inzinna and Meyermann; Connecting lives in color and artistic expression

A Dual Exhibit: Inzinna and Meyermann; Connecting lives in color and artistic expressionA canvas painting by Gabriela Meyermann. Provided photo.

Gallery 41 is pleased to announce new guest artists for the month of August. A dual exhibit full of color and texture is scheduled with an official opening for First Friday, Aug. 5, from 5 to 8 p.m. at the 41 Lake St. location in downtown Owego. First Friday will offer an exclusive reception with the artists, and the show will run all month long. 

Gina Sangiuliano Inzinna is a pottery artist who aims for a maximalist, multi layered, and eye-catching aesthetic. She wants her work to function well and feel good to the touch. 

Inzinna states, “I want each piece to read as thoughtfully as a painting, and to be a delight inside and out, top to bottom.” 

A Dual Exhibit: Inzinna and Meyermann; Connecting lives in color and artistic expression

Pottery by Gina Sangiuliano Inzinna. Provided photo.

Inzinna’s mother introduced her to ceramics at a young age, and the decorative classes they took together were a highlight of her youth. However, the love affair with clay really bloomed in the art department at Union Endicott High School. She continued to study Ceramics at Maine Collage of Art at the turn of the century. 

Since 2017, Inzinna has been running her business professionally as both a maker and an instructor at the local ceramic studio, Clay School Ithaca. With the completion of her backyard studio in 2021, working is now a dream come true for Inzinna. 

She stated, “I am a nurturer, carefully guiding each piece through many changes both physical and chemical. I create a wide array of wares, from teapots to jewelry, utilizing a multitude of techniques beyond the wheel such as carving, pinch and slab building, sculpture and rendering, clay marbling, hand painting, glaze inlay, tape resist, and glaze layering.” 

The other half of this show is Owego resident Gabriela Meyermann. Meyermann joins the Owego community and brings a rich understanding and appreciation for arts and culture. Born in Bucharest, Romania, Meyermann remained in Romania to complete her education in economy and management. 

Since then she has traveled the world and lived with her husband in many countries including the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Israel, and still resides part time in Nice, France when she is not home in Owego. With the travel and exploring new areas comes the fondness for visiting art museums and soaking in all that other artists have to offer. 

Gabriela has been inspired by these travels and by the people she has met along the way. Also showing up in her works are interpretations of current news and worldwide events, as well as the simple joys of day-to-day life. She paints in color – with a bit of paint-throwing to start her canvas, then moves to oil sticks, acrylics, acrylic markers, and sometimes collage. The outcome is a pure, balanced expression with a vibrancy that is so popular with current modern artists.

What brings even more color and joy to the canvases are the stories and explanations behind each one. She has been painting her emotions and thoughts, and is in search of her true self, feeling that the depth of each person is so infinite. 

Meyermann stated, “Every painting I create is making me know myself better.” 

This show is a perfect compliment of two different mediums and styles. 

“We are all connected in this world by art,” said Meyermann. 

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