Depot Friday Night at the Depot

On June 24, Rich Wilson brings his unique style of music to the Depot in Newark Valley for an evening filled with a variety of musical styles including pop, standards, country, and rock and roll. Rich is a crowd pleaser with wonderful renditions of some of the greatest songs ever writer and made famous by Sinatra, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Tony Bennett and others.  

Wilson is a member of the New York State Country Hall of Fame and has Country Music in his background. He was raised on the music of artists like Eddy Arnold and Hank Williams, and has the unique ability to successfully blend the enduring sound of Country with the classic sound of jazz, rock and roll, and standards.

July 1 will bring a new addition to the Depot Friday Night line-up with the three-piece group called Humble Beginnings. The trio play pop, folk and country music, and often add Hoopjack to their repertoire, which is a blend of old style Country music with rock and roll and western swing. The New Beginnings hale from the Binghamton area.

On July 8, a Depot favorite returns with the appearance of the Irish Stoutmen, bringing an unabashed love for traditional pub songs sung in the traditional way-with great spirit and a light in the eye. This quartet portrays the old songs of Ireland, Scotland and beyond. They’re likely to tell you a story or two and indulge in a little poetry from time to time as well, but at the heart of it all is timeless, welcoming music that cuts across generations and lights up the evening. The Stoutmen have been a favorite of the Depot crowd for a long time. 

The Depot opens at 6 p.m., and entertainment begins at 7 p.m. Admission is free and delicious food with scrumptious desserts are always available. Weather permitting the music will be outside, so bring a lawn chair and a couple of friends. 

This project is made possible, in part, with public funds from the NYS Council on the Arts’ Decentralization Program, administered locally by The Arts Council of the Southern Finger Lakes.

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